In these days of manic-depressive financial markets, it’s nice to be able to put your money into something that isn’t designed to make you rich, but that at least is pretty much guaranteed to always rise in value. And that, on occasion, can post a nice tax-free gain — most recently, 6.5% — overnight.

He goes on to say, “No, I’m not talking about some esoteric investment product with six levels of derivatives, pages of unreadable disclosures, and fat management fees. I’m talking about … postage stamps.”

According to Allan, Forevers have risen in value by almost 20%, to their current 49 cents from the 41 cents that the Postal Service charged when it sold its first Forevers on April 12, 2007. More than a third of that value increase came on Jan. 26, when the price of a first-class stamp rose to 49 cents from the previous 46 cents: the 6.5% overnight increase…”

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